Warehouse Equipment: A New Era of Material Handling

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Warehouse Equipment: A New Era of Material Handling

Warehouse Equipment: A New Era of Material Handling

  • Low intensity electric warehouse equipment will continue to replace the traditional manual and semi-electric pallet trucks in the market, opening a new era of material handling.

  • With their simple structure, convenient operation, light weight, low price, flexibility and durability,electric warehouse equipment are ideal tools for material handling in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops and homes.

  • We recently launched a new low intensity electric pallet truck 1.5T/2.0T. It's a revolution model with high configurations such as password lock,bigger driving wheel etc. at economic price.

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Export Tariff Move Seen Stabilizing Steel

  • In last three months, China raised export tariffs on high-purity pig iron and ferrochrome to 20 % and 40 %, respectively, and removed export tax rebates for 23 steel products since Aug 1st. 

  • The moves are in line with China's intensified efforts to transform the energy- consuming steel industry for greener and high-quality growth,with China aiming to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. 


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