New Product Update: ZMIE Compact 2WD/4WD 1.5-3ton Tele-truck

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New Product Update: ZMIE Compact 2WD/4WD 1.5-3ton Tele-truck

New Product Update- ZMIE Compact 2WD/4WD 1.5-3ton Tele-truck

People's traditional impressions of forklifts are like this, electric forklifts focus on warehouse, ICE forklifts focus on outdoor use while Rough Terrain forklifts for construction use, etc.

With the increasing demand of our dealers in construction & agriculture industry, our R&D newly developed 1.5-3T compact Tele-Truck could maximize your versatile loading needs. 2WD /4WD are both available for you to choose!


Compact Tele-Truck designed based on rough terrain forklift, and the main concept is muti-functionality. More specifically, it's combining advantage of rough terrain forklift (RTF) while adding reach function.

Not limited to buildings or orchards, Tele-Truck can also install wide range of attachments (i.e. loading bucket) to work in different industries, like mining and agriculture and more.

Tele-Truck will be a revolution product to replace some of current traditional material handling equipment which will change people’s mind of buying a forklift only.

Monthly Internal Workshop: Customer Maintenance

In this month workshop, our sales Claire ZHANG shared her more than 10 years’ work experience as for how to maintain customer relationship.

Firstly, keeping in mind how to differentiate your customer segmentation according to some key standards (i.e. long/ short years co-op, annual sales volume, exclusive dealer/end users).

Secondly, being able to actively collect your customer information is fundamental. We can take advantage of social media to get more clues about our clients update. Digitalization and data are going to be increasingly important. The more data you have, the more you can predict and personalize the customer experience, and the more efficient you become, the more customers you have.

Through this engagement, everyone in the workshop expressed his/her own view about the definition of “customer relationship” with real work cases, and strengthened deeper understanding of the importance of customer maintenance.

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Keep good relationship is an art, it is based on long-term engagement, trust, and other dimensions. It must be considered in a very holistic manner in relationship with customer journeys. From creating awareness, to interest and desire, including in the post-purchase phase of the customer journeys.

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