Buyer Show From Laos & Philippines

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 Buyer Show From Laos & Philippines

Buyer Show from Laos & Philippines

Time tries all things. We recently received the feedback from buyer in Laos. They purchased a Maximal 10ton forklift a few years ago, but they have been still using it due to its reliable performance (lifting capacity, maneuverability) and high quality (durability). The forklift is primarily used for handling a wide range of heavy lifting and material handling tasks in ports.

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For several years, Maximal forklift can stand test of time.

3 ton LPG forklift_1 3 ton LPG forklift_2

Furthermore, in February, we also received feedback form buyers in Philippines. They purchased several LPG 3ton forklifts. Propane produces fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel, which makes dual fuel forklifts a more environmentally friendly option.

The client also purchased Push/Pulls attachment to carry coffee raw materials in indoor settings. We are looking forward to receiving their later feedback.

Bi-weekly Internal training: How to Select Proper Attachment

Attachments have changed the traditional concept of material handling, helping forklifts become a multi-functional and efficient handling equipment. With fork, clamp, lift, rotation, side shifter, push, pull and tilting, which greatly improves the working productivity and increases the forklift application in various environment.”Said Sunny Zhou, Sales at Maximal.

We also had an open discussion regarding how to help clients to choose proper attachment in real work application.

Here are FOUR key considerable factors:

1. Mounting class

Attachment mounting class means the installation hook type at the back of product.

All standard products have these hooks. The carriage of forklift shall comply with international standard, to mount and connect properly.

2. Attachment function and application

3. Comprehensive bearing capacity calculation

4. Size of goods  


For one thing, the various attachments enhance functionality and productivity, as well as to reduce the cost for users at their work application. For another, we should consider ergonomics when recommend the attachment to clients. The proper forklift attachment that will help clients efficiently and safely move your loads.

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