Maximal Reach Stacker Buyer Show
04-13 2023

The Maximal 45ton reach stacker has withstood rigorous on-site tests in the past six years, and users highly recognize this product.

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Maximal 2nd Series Buyer Show (Packing Industry)
04-13 2023

In May, Maximal client (a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of packaging to South African market) shared their 2nd series buyer show photos of Maximal 7ton forklifts (FD70T-MWF3) with us. The attachment paper roll clamps were installed on the forklifts for paper transporting. By using this paper roll clamps, it increases productivity in roll handing operations. They also recognized Maximal good and stable performance.

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Buyer Show from Laos & Philippines
03-13 2023

Time tries all things. We recently received the feedback from buyer in Laos. They purchased a Maximal 10ton forklift a few years ago, but they have been still using it due to its reliable performance (lifting capacity, maneuverability) and high quality (durability). The forklift is primarily used for handling a wide range of heavy lifting and material handling tasks in ports.

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Maximal Buyer Show from South Africa
02-12 2023

A batch of Maximal 7 Ton forklifts (model: FD70T-MWF3) have recently arrived in South Africa. The client has a very high recognition to Maximal products from the appearance. They were thrilled to share the photos with us.

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Maximal Summer Campaign Winner Announcement
08-22 2022

In last June, Maximal organized the first summer campaign. We received several photos and videos from our buyers during the contest period. Here are some submission and replies “Why we Choose Maximal Forklift?”We were reviewing the submission and will give the prizes to the winners.

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