M series 3-wheel 1.6-2.0T M series 3-wheel 1.6-2.0T

M series 3-wheel 1.6-2.0T


The M series is the first generation forklifts, designed by the MAXIMAL engineering team. A world class design features advanced technologies and superior componentry as produced by competitive vendors the world over. The finished appearance with safety color design has attracted an audience in local and the world markets. 
Product Description

Compact Design

The dual drive motor concept drives both drive wheels to create added traction on slippery surfaces, dock plates and ramps to move loads efficiently and safely. The steering wheel angle controls each drive motor and allows one motor to reduce power when making short turns. When the steering wheel is turned 45 degrees the inside drive motor cuts out allowing the outer drive wheel more tractive force. When the steering wheel is turned 90+ degrees the inner drive wheel will reverse direction to assist maneuverability allowing the machine to turn on its most inner axis.

This unique feature allows the machine excellent maneuverability and versatility in multiple applications. Power steering provides less effort

Reducing operator stress and fatigue.

The battery compartment is designed for the battery to be positioned low in the frame for added stability.

Electrical Systems

The truck is equipped with AC type drive, pump and steering motors providing high torque performance and reduced maintenance.

The proven and reliable ZAPI AC controller provides infinitely variable drive and lift control and features regenerative braking to capture and reserve energy. The regenerative braking feature is programmable for specific applications and increases run time between charges.

An emergency power disconnect switch is within easy reach should an electrical failure occur.

Panoramic View Mast

Superior quality I beam and C channel mast construction creates a robust, rigid mast eliminating deflection for maximum durability and performance.

Large inner and outer rail rollers provide additional capacity, less friction and resistance to wear compared to lighter materials used by competitive manufactures. Lateral stress is reduced by the side thrust rollers positioned on rails and carriage and are externally adjustable to provide specified alignment while reducing maintenance costs.

The hydraulic lift system is designed with a load lowering valve that reduces decent should the system lose pressure.

Operator Convenience And Protection

Large grab handle and low step height allows easy operator access-egress to the low profile operator’s compartment. The premium suspension seat with fully adjustable forward, aft and lumbar positions allow added comfort for various sized operators. Forward right hand hydraulic control levers are ergonomically positioned for easy reach permitting one hand multi functions. Large floor space with common automotive pedal arrangement provides precise acceleration and braking performance.

Lighted LED display panel is positioned in direct line of sight and monitors all component functions including battery charge level, travel speed directional control and hour meter. The monitor features on board diagnostic with LED icons and phases to alert the operator of systems malfunction and reduces downtime for required maintenance.

Convenient And Easy Mantenance

The hinged battery compartment cover is lightweight and easy to operate. The electrical control panel and related equipment is located behind the battery providing easy access and is protected from floor debris, contaminants and moisture.


Clean And Green

MAXIMAL tri-wheel lift trucks are designed to be efficient, quiet and provide a clean air environment.

Low noise, less pollution and safe operation.


Capacity 1.6ton 3m mast 1.8ton 3m mast 2.0ton 3m mast
Other options 1.6ton   2.5m-6.0m mast 1.8ton   2.5m-6.0m mast 2.0ton   2.5m-6.0m mast
Power type Electric
Rated capacity kg 1600 1800 2000
Load centre mm 500
Min. turning radius mm 1643 1643 1758
Wheelbase mm 1400 1400 1515
Speed Travel(Laden) km/h 13 13 13
Travel(Unladed) km/h 13 13 13
Lifting(Laden) mm/s 290 280 255
Lifting(Unladed) mm/s 445 435 435
Gradeability Laden % 15
Unladed % 15
Service weight Include battery box kg 3080 3140 3430

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