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A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel
A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel
A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel
A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel
A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel
A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel

A series 2.5-3.5T Diesel

Maximal's New "A" Series Forklift is designed for the driver. Maximal engineers have focused on improving the comfort and safety for new series forklifts, with lower noise levels, less vibration, more safety, and every small detail carefully designed prepared for the driver.
Product Description

Well Formed Appearance

1.New designed streamline frame.

2.Integrated plastic cover of instrument frame for neat and fashionable appearance, with extra storage space for the driver


1.Maximal special display with 3.5'' LCD for driver convenience and ease of information viewing.

2.Generous space for the driver with expanded foot room to reduce fatigue and increase comfort.

3.Dual suspension system—Full floating safeguard/cabin system & New engine vibration damper; Suspension transmission greatly improving the forklift's vibration and noise.

4.New hand parking brake device with button greatly reduces fatigue in operation.

5.The size of steering wheel is reduced. Turning is not so strenuous.

6.Steering wheel adjustor is improved. Convenient adjusting steering wheel increases angle to 8°.

7.Suspension foot brake allows more room and comfort for driver’s feet.

Safety & Stability

1.Wide view mast, with visibility increased from 690mm to 720mm to enhance the operator’s view and safety.

2.High strength safe guard/cabin by profiled steel insert all around keep the driver safer, with a high-strength organic glass ceiling as standard.

3.Equipped with muffler protective net and engine protective net as standard.

4.The centre of gravity is reduced 50mm from the M series, increasing stability of the truck and offering more visibility at the rear.

Easily Maintenance

1.Water-proof electrical box, Fuse and Relay be indicated clearly.

2.Bigger checking & repair space.

3.Compact wire distribution.

4.New type oil tank cap combined with breather & dipstick

Reliability & Exchangeability

1.Cabin can be installed directly on the standard safeguard, which is very convenient for the customer to put on and off the cabin;

2.Engine cover, instrument panel, safeguard, display and most of the operation components are exchangeable between 1- Mini 4ton forklifts.

3.Front fender is installed with holes, which is very convenient for the customer to put on for double front tires.

Energy saving & Environmental Protection

1.Special muffler and new noise isolation material, reducing noise levels by more than 4DB. 2.New dynamic load-sensing hydraulic steering system improves work efficiency and energy conservation, with fuel consumption reduced by 8%.

3.With more environmentally-aware design, the new forklift is totally Non-asbestos and most of the components are recyclable.

Capacity2.5ton 3m mast3.0ton 3m mast3.5ton 3m mast
Other options2.5ton 3.3m-6m   mast3.0ton 3.3m-6m mast3.5ton 3.3m-6m mast
Optional   typeWE3/W(9)3/WV3/G(20)3
Power   typeDiesel
Rated capacitykg250030003500
Load centremm500500500
Min. turning radiusmm223024502520
SpeedTravel (Unladen/Laden)km/h18/17.519/1819/18
Lifting (Unladen/Laden)mm/sec640/610550/520430/410
Lowering (Unladen/Laden)mm/sec380/420400/380400/380
Max. Gradeability (Unladen/Laden)%202020
Self weightkg359043004680

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