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A Series 4.5-compact5T Electrification Truck A Series 4.5-compact5T Electrification Truck

A Series 4.5-compact5T Electrification Truck

Maximal’s New "A" Series Forklift is designed for the driver. Maximal engineers have focused on improving the comfort and safety for new series forklifts, with lower noise levels, less vibration, more safety, and every small detail carefully designed prepared for the driver. 
Product Description

In response to environmental protection and high efficiency, Maximal recently launched FBAX4.5-x5T electrification. This model will better meet the customer need in different markets and realize the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection.

Main improvements of work efficiency:

Standard battery side replacement, which makes replacement faster and more convenient.

Low noise electronic water pump (less than 50dB), the service life can reach more than 20,000 hours. 

The customized motor cover adopts water cooling (temperature controlled below 60℃) to achieve thermal balance

Intelligent electronic fan, which automatically turns on and off according to temperature, with a service life of over 50,000 hours.

Good points to meet multi-work applications:

Wide-view mast to increase visibility and the safety of operation.

The gear pump adopts a special helical rotor to reduce the output pressure.

FEA finite element analysis and design to provide vehicle stability.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor (protection level IP65) to withstand harsh operation environment, and the highest efficiency can reach 95%. 

Lithium Battery Benefits

li-ion benefits

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