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Company Outgoing Activity: Let’s Explore The Beauty of Nature
06-15 2022

Hangzhou is one of the best cities, where nature and modernity are well integrated. As an energetic company, Maximal Marketing Department recently organized a company outgoing activity to get close to the nature. Get out of the office and have lots of fun and unwind. In this year, we will periodically organize several interesting activities to balance staff work and life.

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New Product Update: Maximal AX4.5-x5T Electrification Forklift
04-24 2022

In response to environmental protection and high efficiency, Maximal recently launched FBAX4.5-x5T electrification. This model will better meet the customer need in different markets and realize the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection.

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Maximal Launched A series 4-7T Forklifts
12-31 2021

Maximal A series 4-7T forklifts are improved based on M series, with SCS design, engineering for the driver. The product ranges from both IC and Electrification to meet different clients' working requirements, and emission standard as well.

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Maximal 2021 Full-Line Products Poster Launched
10-29 2021

Maximal 2021 Full range products poster launched in this month. We added A series 4-7 ton IC forklifts and A series Lithium battery forklifts. Besides forklifts, we also extend our products line with various warehouse equipment, like Li-ion pallet truck and Electric stackers.

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New Product Update: Maximal A Series 4-7T ICE Forklift
09-29 2021

ENGINEERING FOR DRIVER Maximal A series 4-7T forklift are improved based on M series but with great improvement for the outlook, mast visibility, hydraulic system and electrical elements, ergonomic design for the driver.

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Li-ion Technology:The Next Generation of Forklift Efficiency
07-30 2021

As environmental concerns and fluctuating oil prices continue to push consumers toward alternatives to traditional internal combustion engines, forklift operations have increasingly looked toward electric truck solutions over the last decade. Li-ion battery technology represents the next generation of forklift efficiency.

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Maximal New Products
07-19 2018

Followed with the developing trend of global material handling industry, as well as the various needs from different customers, Maximal developed 2.5-3.5T 4-wheel electric forklift with lithium battery as option.

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