Maximal Rough Terrain Forklift to overcome poor working condition

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Maximal Rough Terrain Forklift to overcome poor working condition

Maximal rough terrain forklift, ranges from 1.8-5.0T with 2WD/4WD, higher ground clearance, better grip tires, higher exhaust pipe, bigger displacement, much more firm structure and stability, is a kind of counter-balanced forklift designed to adapt for poor working conditions such as muddy construction site, farming, industry building, icy outdoor, slops or uneven ground etc.


Rough terrain forklift becomes popular welcomed on muddy, icy, uneven or snowy ground etc poor working conditions, compare with industry forklift, rough terrain forklift have significant advantages, especially in cold winter with tough weather.


Here is Maximal dealer from Norway shares the 4WD rough terrain forklift working scene on the snowy ground. They give very positive feedback and hope it could be good example for other customers.

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