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The M series is the first generation forklifts, designed by the MAXIMAL engineering team. A world class design features advanced technologies and superior componentry as produced by competitive vendors the world over. The finished appearance with safety color design has attracted an audience in local and the world markets.


Larger low positioned steps on either side and large grab bar allows easy access-egress for the operator.
The large premium suspension safety seat provides operator comfort and better productivity in all applications. 
Forward positioned hydraulic control and left hand directional travel levers are within easy reach of the operator. The large floor space with convenient positioned pedal arrangement permits optimum control and safe operation. The full rubber floor mat and synthetic mounted operator compartment reduces vibration and eliminates operator fatigue.



Heavy I beam and C channel mast rails are positioned to create a wider forward view of the fork tips and the load. Large rollers roll more freely under load and side thrust rollers provide added lateral support especially in wide load applications. Both load rollers and thrust rollers are externally adjustable to maintain mast and carriage alignment and, reduce labor costs. Hydraulic hoses are positioned behind the rails for protection and enhance forward visibility through the mast.



Premium hydraulic hose, fittings and steel tubes are vital to operator safety and load handling. All hydraulic cylinders use premium seals eliminating leaks and pressure loss. Main lift cylinder has a lowering speed valve to avoid rapid decent should a pressure lose occur in the lifting system.

Fully adjustable steering wheel allows multiple operator sizes and added comfort. Power steering provides precise control and easy maneuverability in confined spaces reducing operator fatigue and stress.



An all aluminum radiator core provides constant engine coolant temperature control through faster heat dissipation. Combination engine coolant and transmission fluid radiator is designed for maximum air flow passing through the counterweight. A newly designed composite fan blade provides better air flow through the cooling system tunnel and creates less noise and distraction for the operator.



The lighted instrument panel is conveniently positioned relative to the operator’s line of sight. The LCD display monitors the machine’s vital components and electrical systems including travel speed and operating time. The monitor with integrated diagnostic system provides easy service and lower maintenance costs. The advanced design wiring harness uses waterproof connectors and an enclosed multiunit fuse module for improved circuit security and reliability.



Latest technology LPG and Diesel engines have EPA tier 3 and EU stage IIIA rated engines certified to meet/exceed CARB emissions. These High performance engines use less fuel per operating hour and eliminate harmful emissions in the workplace. 
Engine covers open to the rear allowing ample access to the engine compartment while the lift out floor plate provides easy access to the drive train components.



MAXIMAL lift trucks are designed for the operator to be more productive And require less downtime for maintenance.

MAXIMAL value added lift trucks have earned a reputation for being tough, reliable and agile to handle more product with less operator effort in virtually every application.



Forklift Specification

General 1 Model
2 Optional type
3 Rated capacity kg 4500 5000
4 Load centre mm 500 500
Characteristic & Dimension 5 Lift height mm 3000 3000
6 Free lift height mm 150 155
7 Fork size L×W×T mm 1070×150×50 1070×150×55
8 Fork regulating range Min./Max. mm 300/1380 300/1380
9 Mast tilt angle F/R Deg 6月12日 6月12日
10 Front overhang mm 590 595
11 Rear overhang mm 585 625
12 Min. ground clearance mm 175 175
(Bottom of mast)
13 Overall dimensions Length to face of fork(without fork)  mm 3260 3310
14 Overall width mm 1490 1490
15 Mast lowered height mm 2265 2265
16 Mast extended height (with backrest)        mm 4230 4230
17 Overhead guard height mm 2265 2265
18 Turning radius(outside) mm 2920 2960
19 Min. right angle stacking aisle width (add load length and clearance) mm 2600 2630
Performance 20 Speed Travel(Unladen) km/h 25 25
21 Lifting(Laden) mm/s 515 515
22 Lowering(Laden) mm/s 400 400
23 Max. Drawbar pull(Laden) KN 23 23
24 Max. Gradeability(Laden) % 20 18
Tyre 25 Tyre Front
26 Rear
27 Tread Front mm 1190
28 Rear mm 1130
29 Wheelbase mm 2100

30 Fuel tank capacity L 120
Weight 31 Self weight kg 6500 6720
32 Weight Distribution Laden Front  Axle kg 9650 10320
33 Rear Axle kg 1350 1400
34 Unladen Front Axle kg 2840 2960
35 Rear Axle kg 3660 3760
Power & Transmission 36 Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 2×12/60
37 Transmission Manufacture
38 Type
39 Stage F/R
40 Operating pressure(For attachments) Mpa